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With her strikingly unique jewellery and ethically sourced materials, Lisa Catterson is a shining example of bespoke success.

Working from a studio in the historic Briggait building in Glasgow run by Wasps Artist Studios, Lisa Catterson started farado design in 2016 to allow her to focus on bespoke jewellery design commissions. Inspired by repetition in nature and influenced by Scandinavian design, Lisa loves working with people directly and solving design problems.

The design process starts with Lisa drawing repetitive structures in nature that inspire her: close ups of feathers; clusters of seeds in plants and gemstones in their natural forms. Aspects of these drawings and forms that appeal to her develop into the final designs.

Sometimes Lisa’s designs are less focused on repetitive organic forms and instead draw on Scandinavian design principles: simplicity, minimalism and functionality. She may build a design idea around a specific stone and respond directly to what would complement this best.

Using Computer Aided Design, along with traditional jewellery techniques she creates bespoke luxury jewellery pieces specialising in engagement and wedding rings. Lisa translates hand drawings of her initial design to a three dimensional computer model of the piece and develop it further using sophisticated 3D modelling software. Creating a virtual 3D model of the piece allows her to experiment with forms before casting, and also allows clients to review their commission before committing to the final design.

The model can then be 3D printed, and the traditional jewellery process takes over. The 3D print is cast in gold, cleaned up and polished, stones are set and the metal is hallmarked to show the fineness.

Lisa graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012 with a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design.

Over the four years since graduating she has worked on a variety of artistic projects.

These include taking part in international jewellery exhibitions, a year-long post as artist in residency at Edinburgh College of Art and a project with National Museum of Scotland, teaching school groups

The word “farado” means making in Esperanto, a constructed international language created to allow people of different nationalities and mother tongues to communicate.

When she set out to start a new bespoke design service, this idea of a common language for people to communicate felt very fitting.


Using ethically sourced materials, including Fairtrade Gold and traceable diamonds is extremely important to Lisa.

Miners receive at least the Fairtrade Minimum Price for their Fairtrade Gold, as well as the Fairtrade Premium to spend on improving their business or community projects.

Education, clean water and healthcare are a few of the things this extra money goes towards. Fairtrade certification means these small scale gold miners meet Fairtrade Standards.